Man, Overboard:
A Review of matter/:form's Overboard Party

by Tony Phillips

Club kids and musicheads come together on the high seas.

The Scene
You’ve got to give the matter:/form kids snaps for making the most of a fairly rickety bucket. The Paddlewheel Queen is everything you’d expect right down to her ornate, wrought-iron aqua balustrades: more wedding cake than Bond yacht. Still, you’d have a hard time getting through a rendition of “Old Man River” on the main deck as the music spinning down below is simply too fierce.

The draw
The crowd, sneakered 20-somethings with a generous dose of Eurotrash, come for the music. Whether it’s resident DJ Francis Harris or guest jocks like Grant Dell or DJ Three, the bassy house blend glides by on with nary a vocal until the big “Blue Monday” finish returns you to port. The backdrop — from the Statue of Liberty to the wilds of Staten Island — is always breathtaking and the hour-long, pre-launch open bar gets this party started quickly. Still, three hours would have been just right. Maybe Gilligan knew more than just how to dress for this event.