Gay Marriage:
A Review of The Wedding Singer Cast Recording

by Tony Phillips

Remember that fluorescent skinny tie that seemed like such a good idea at the time? Welcome to its aural equivalent. Anyone with frequent flier miles will remember this rom-com — NJ wedding singer gets dumped and eats newlyweds for lunch — but it’s back as someone’s idea of musical theater. Because Broadway’s current season resembles nothing so much as in-flight entertainment, this uber-80’s pastiche actually scored five Tony noms. The stand-alone score isn’t so fortunate. Sure, there are standouts: Sugar Hill granny sweetly croons “That Linda is a skanky whore” and Kevin Cahoon’s blend of Kabbalah and Spandau Ballet on “George’s Prayer” is tres LA, but until some clever DJ remixes “It’s Your Wedding Day” into the next, big-room gay-rights anthem, this one is best left at the altar.