St. Trop to the Max:
BCBG Creator Azria Takes It Off

by Tony Phillips

Even God rested on the seventh day. So you can't blame Max Azria, creator of the BCBG clothing line and producer of the $12 million epic pop musical The Ten Commandments, for indulging in a little R&R, too. Before heading to Los Angeles to mount the Biblical spectacle, which recounts Moses leading the Israelites from Egypt, Azria and his extended clan took a journey of their own, setting sail for St. Tropez, on the fabled Côte d'Azur. Here, Azria & Co. share their five South-of-France faves.

Les Caves du Roy
Azria's daughter, Joyce, hit this nightclub, a mix of Vegas casino and the Moulin Rouge, located in the opulent Byblos Hotel. The celebs haven't stopped coming since Mick and Bianca Jagger wed here in 1971. "The club has great energy and is still very hip," says Joyce. Sample the club's vibe with the Hotel Byblos mix CD.

Club 55
43 Blvd. Patch. Ramatuelle; +33(0)4-94-79-84-34
"Half of the restaurant is on sand, the other half on wooden planks like a pier," says Azria. "It's all white-very beautiful, very tranquil." The hotspot got off to an illustrious start in 1955 when Brigitte Bardot was shooting And God Created Woman. She mistook the small cabana for an eatery. When the owners happily obliged the film goddess and cooked for her and her crew, Club 55 was born. It's a fave of P. Diddy, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell.

S.S. DELphine
The private yacht the family stayed on (for a mere $64,000 a day) had the "luxurious and stately feeling of the Titanic," says Max's wife, Lubov. "It came with a whole staff of 24 people, including two chefs-one just in charge of desserts." On board, the Azrias had at their disposal a swimming pool, gym, salon and full-time masseuse. It's a wonder the ever left the boat.

pink rosé wine
"When I am on the Côte d'Azur," says Azria, "I drink only one thing: pink rosé wines." The light, sweet wines come from the nearby Côtes du Provence wine region and are produced by removing the red grape skins just before vinification. Local staples include Cuvée du Bailly Côtes de Provence. "I was always a little bit drunk," admits Azria.

"Shopping on Rue Allard is fabulous," says Azria. Check out the silk dresses and antique jewelry from Trinity's (+33(0)4-94-43-86-13) or cop a saucy new bikini at Banana Moon (+33(0)4-94-97-05-52). Azria says cover up on the beach with — what else? — his BCBG beach poncho.